SOYAPRESS publishing house was founded in 2018 in Moscow by Ivan Shpak. For a couple of years it had been focused on artist books and conceptual photobooks ranging from strictly limited riso-printed zines to massive research-based works (a vivid example of the latter is Ilya Batrakov's "Morok"). In 2023, Grigory Savchenko, Daniil Nebolsin and Mikhail Bordunovsky joined the editorial office and the activities of SOYAPRESS were expanded and supplemented with new directions.

The publishing policy of SOYAPRESS is motivated by the belief that materiality and visuality of a book are not something superficial or external to its meanings but should be considered as one of the key tools for creation of these meanings. We do not consider the book to be a selling package for disembodied text and strive to demonstrate the importance and complexity of visible, tactile and material elements of the book. We use a wide range of designs and printing technologies and implement each edition as a unique artifact which task is to create its own conditions for a recipient's perception and understanding. We consider literary and cultural forms as plastic and flexible materials that require constant experimentation and innovation, therefore we support authors who share this point of view with us. We avoid any rigid genre classifications: priority is given to hybrid, strange and innovative works and practices, and our task is to show why they are of no less importance than more habitualized forms.